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I finally finished my new screenplay that I’ve been working on for over a year. It turned out to be a unique experience, insofar as it was the first time I used four different screenwriting apps to find the right workflow to get my ideas on the page.

I could’ve stuck with Final Draft. Despite the many complaints by others, I don’t have any major issues with FD, but I seem to be on the permanent lookout for a more effective outlining solution than FD can offer. So for this project, in search of the best outlining and drafting workflow, I played around with some of the new apps available. Here’s my rundown of the various tools I used with their pros and cons. If you’re anything like me and geek out about writing tools, some of my experience might be of interest.

First, the issue at hand:


Final Draft's index card mode

Final Draft’s index card mode

When I work on a story, I do my best to start with as good an outline as I can, and sometimes I manage to make it very detailed, but depending on the project, the outline may be quite broad before I jump into the draft itself. In almost all cases, I end up doing further outlining and inserting story elements once I’m in the draft. In this last screenplay for example, I got a bit stuck with my outlining at about the midpoint of the story, so I decided to start working on parts of the draft anyway. That, in turn, got the juices flowing and the characters connecting, and it allowed me to find the way through the rest of the story.

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